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 Pisix Development apps

An Android Auto assistant that reminds you the expiry dates of the periodic vehicle inspection, road tax, insurance and even more. 

Edisco: educating kids puts fun into learning. By using simple colors and words, kids can learn and have fun at the same time. 

Bonuri helps you have a pleasant shopping experience and also save time and money. 

A smartwatch face that opens a Tesla control app with basic functions.

The app allows you to control your Tesla's:

- ac & sentry on/off

- schedule ac & steering wheel/driver seat heating all week or working days

- see battery/charging status & change charging limit 

Amitto allows you to transfer text to your smartwatch and copy it to the clipboard for later use.

omniVox: Calling without limits

Omnivox is still under development!

Currently, the Omnivox app allows:
- calling from ANY number,
- sending SMS from ANY number,
- sending SMS from alphanumeric sender,
- recording the call,
- using audio files as call background,
- renting numbers from different countries,
- receiving SMS and calls,
- see who's calling even if they call you with a hidden number.