Lets know eachother!

A little about me


Born in Romania, on the coast of the Black Sea, my first encounter with a computer was magic! It was a CIP02 , made in Romania by Electronica, the BASIC interpreter had to be loaded from a tape and then it could be used to start programming. It was very difficult for a kid that had no prior contact to programming or English language, but it was very interesting!

Later, during highschool, I had some Turbo Pascal training and after that, I did some online C++ training, but the real love for programming came back once I found Udacity courses for Python.

After a while, I needed an Android app that didn't exist, so I decided to do it myself, so again I went to Udacity and started some Android courses.

Except programming, I like technology, cats, ideas and Tesla

All my apps were made for fun or for my personal use, later I published some, for everyone that is happy to use them. If you like any of my apps, please rate it and make my day happier!

Contact details

Email: omnipisix@gmail.com
Telegram: @Mariusrazvan
SMS: +447362069999