THE story OF


I built this app for two of my favorite kids on the planet, Nicholas and Rebeca, so they can learn basic English words while having some fun. Later I decided to make it available for everyone, thinking that other kids might find it useful as well.

On 15 April 2020, Google launched a new category of apps, Teacher approved apps for kids. At launch, they only chose 1000 apps to be approved and proudly wear the badge, and even if Edisco was created just for two great kids, with less than 50 downloads, it received the badge!
The most time I spent on Edisco was to translate it into 12 languages! I asked my friends for help or their friends for help to translate the app in as many languages as possible. If you spot a mistake in any of the translations, please let me know so i can correct it at the next update, update which should add more content for the kids.

FunFact: There is a secret hidden inside the app!